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The Leading Provider of Lead-to-Cash Software Solutions for the Telecom Industry

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MasterStream's products and solutions eliminates the time-consuming processes, complexity, and errors associated with the telecom supply chain between providers, agents, sub-agents, and customers. Our experience, expertise, and commitment to our craft continues to be our driving force as we continue to sustain our position as the leading provider of automation solutions within the telecom industry.

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A Focus On Telecom Solutions

We create software that the telecom industry turns to when they have chosen to become better at what they do. Our software connects people with people, empowering an industry and accelerating growth. We make possible, smart, efficient processes and automation that turns leads into orders. We stand for an industry being connected and doing it better.


"We can't imagine going back to what we were using before...We originally looked at MasterStream as a quoting tool, but it is a back office tool to run your entire company."

Gabriel Diaz, President & Founder

The Right Tools For Success

Our “MasterStream” automation software solution is utilized by many top telecom providers, resellers, and agents. Our commitment to leadership is reflected in the pioneering features integrated into MasterStream such as Instant Quotes & Bill Analysis and Automatic Order Population that have set the standard for telecom automation.

These solutions not only define “total automation”, but add incredible value to all elements of the telecom supply chain.

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The Right Tools For Success