For Providers doing business with other Providers

It's an incredible wholesale marketplace. How do you get connected to the Providers that are looking to buy exactly the services you have at just the right time? Discover Provider SalesHub...

Discover which community is right for you

The Agent and Provider SalesHubs are easily some of the smartest targeted Marketing initiatives for the dollar. The SaleHubs connect you to exactly the right industry connections that propel your business forward.

For Providers and Agents

The right place at the right time! When a Provider get connected to the Agent SalesHub, they're putting themselves in front of the active community of agent sellers looking for solutions in the moment   a sales is taking shape. Discover Agent SalesHub...

With 15 million quotes happening every month, you've come to the right place

Great Marketing connects you to the people looking for what you do. With MasterStream's SalesHubs you get directly connected to the epicenter of telecom sales activity,
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Go beyond targeted marketing. MasterStream's Pinpoint Marketing gets results.
  • Be at the right place - Marketing is too often a shotgun approach where you cover just as many contacts you don't want as those you do. Not with MasterStream. We let you connect to the exact profiles that serve your marketing strategy.
  • Be at the right time - Never too early to be productive, never too late to miss the sale. MasterSteam brings you to the attention of buyers at the right time, as sales are developing and ready to close.
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Automation that stays personal

Great automation should enable you to stay closer to your partners, not keep them away. Learn how our smart automation empowers you to provide instant data and more effective person to person communications. 


It's like adding hours to your day

While time cannot be created, it can certainly be saved and it can be used more effectively. MasterStream will give you lost hours back to every day so you can achieve more.


Know what works

When your work flows through MasterStream you gain access to a wealth of reporting and information to help you make the right choices for your business. Work smarter with MasterStream.

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