We call it CPQaaS - its Configure Price Quoting as a Service and it gives you the ability to harness the power of the MasterStream automated Quote engine without adding another system into your architecture

One API connects you to many APIs

When you connect via API to MasterStream CPQaaS, you open up to the largest automated quote engine in telecom.

No new user interfaces, just functionality

Keep your people working in the applications you want them in while adding the functionality thats only possible with MasterStream.

The integration capabilities are up to you

Get MasterStream plugged into exactly the point within your processes and into the systems you want. When you choose to use your resources to integrate you have complete control.

We know software, we're here to help

Our team will make it easy for your developers to get what they need to plug MasterStream CPQaaS into your systems.

Automated, accurate telecom quotes right into your own systems

Instantly retrieve telecom pricing for a single provider or many, all from one place

When you use CPQaaS by MasterStream, you have access to costs and finished, sales-ready quotes for any number of Carriers, Providers and Product catalogues. Skip maintaining spreadsheets or seeking out Provider employees to get your quotes. Instantly you'll have everything you need to create a proposal and win business fast.

Get better Product Catalogue management with CPQaaS for your own products or when combined with your off-net providers.

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The CPQaaS product line is available with many of the features and functionality of two of our flagship products: CarrierAccess, for accessing the cost data from Providers and QuoteDesk, which takes the next step beyond obtaining costs to create finished quotes.

Legendary service from the team at MasterStream

We take your success seriously, thats why we have a team committed to it.

It's more than making great software. Our mission is to help you succeed and we have the experience to help. We've worked with hundreds of Carriers and thousands of Agents to do just that. Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to working with you to implement best practices, optimize your workflows and see to it we're doing everything we can to support your goals