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CarrierAccess by MasterStream

Scalable, streamlined automated cost-sourcing to save you time and drive profitability to your business.

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What is CarrierAccess?

CarrierAccess is a software solution that automates the tedious administrative tasks involved in obtaining costs from multiple telecom providers. As a scalable, streamlined, automated solution, CarrierAccess replaces spreadsheets and other outdated methods of providing pricing to your Provider Partners. As a result, reliable pricing results are available from a myriad of Providers are available – instantly!

Simple with CarrierAccess


Simple with CarrierAccess

Gone are the hours and days spent wading through multiple partner portals and pricing spreadsheets to find the best pricing for your customer. With CarrierAccess, finding pricing information is as simple as logging in, entering an address, and instantly reviewing which of your connected providers serves that business location. CarrierAccess is quick and efficient - one login, instant results.

Scale as You Grow

Flexibility is at the heart of every MasterStream solution. CarrierAccess is designed to allow you to connect to one or all of your Provider Partners and provides a customizable configuration that allow you to scale the system as you scale your business.

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Benefits of CarrierAccess

Save time, ensure accuracy, and drive profitability with CarrierAccess. Benefits of an automated quoting process via CarrierAccess include:



Automated, streamlined quoting with CarrierAccess gives instant access to pricing that is updated by the Carrier, ensuring the most up-to-date pricing to the minute and eliminating outdated pricing in the market.



Access pricing for all of your connected carriers – choose how many carriers you’d like to connect to. Source just the carriers you work with or the entire industry.



When Providers use CarrierAccess for sourcing telecom, cable, and other solutions, a myriad of reliable results is provided - instantly. Automating the quoting process and accessing pricing information all in one place eliminates tedious administrative tasks, freeing up time to focus on sales, customers, and business.

Carrier Access


How CarrierAccess Works

• Log into CarrierAccess, select your service address, select your required products and the carriers you want to see.

• CarrierAccess provides pricing for anyone in need by pulling APIs from all carriers in the industry and databasing the rest.

• With one click, access carrier-based pricing for a variety of products including simple SKU-based products and circuits, API-driven products, and complex products like SD-WAN, UCASS, and voice services.

Carrier Access Works

CarrierAccess includes:

CarrierAccess eliminates outdated pricing, saves time by automating the pricing of carriers on and off-net costs, streamlines your sales process, and drives profitability in your business.

Multiple Carrier Networks

Access pricing for all your connected carriers networks across all product types. Login to one place and instantly access all of the results you need to find the best pricing for your customer.

Report Builder

Track your sales with automatically-created standardized reports that can be sent to specific employees.

Single and Multi-Location Capabilities

Whether your customers’ businesses have one office or multiple locations, CarrierAccess gives you instant access to pricing results for business needs of all sizes and all locations.

Batch Capability

Sourcing reliable pricing for larger customers can be a tedious, time-consuming job. With CarrierAccess's batch capability, upload your pricing needs – up to 50,000 rows at one time – with address validation and access costs.

A Focus On Telecom Solutions

We create software that the telecom industry turns to when they have chosen to become better at what they do. Our software connects people with people, empowering an industry and accelerating growth. We make possible, smart, efficient processes and automation that turns leads into orders. We stand for an industry being connected and doing it better.

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"We can't imagine going back to what we were using before...We originally looked at MasterStream as a quoting tool, but it is a back office tool to run your entire company."

Gabriel Diaz, President & Founder

Complete automation is our business

Complete automation is our business

Obtain Costs Quickly

When Providers use CarrierAccess for sourcing access solutions, they get reliable results from a myriad of Providers - instantly. Carrier Access is as simple as entering an address and seeing which of your connected providers serves that location. CarrierAccess eliminates the need to wade through multiple portals and spreadsheets to get the best rate. With Carrier Access you see all the available providers and their rates so you can make the best decision for your solution.

Solutions for Sales, Provisioning

When sales organizations are empowered to quickly provide quotes and be more responsive to customers, sales teams increase sales. Provisioning and network operations teams benefit, too. Utilizing CarrierAccess after sales are closed and handed-off to Operations allows organizations to choose amongst their underlying Carriers within the provisioning process to maximize profitability on every deal.

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