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Automated, accurate quotes delivered in an instant

Instantly retrieve Access pricing for a single provider or many, all from one place

When you use CarrierAccess by MasterStream, you have access to the access costs of any number of Carriers, Providers and the Product catalogues. Skip maintaining spreadsheets or seeking out Provider employees to get your quotes. Simply login to MasterStream, select the access product or products you're looking for, add an address and click. Instantly you'll have everything you need to create a proposal and win business fast.


Multi-location qualification and pricing in an instant

The biggest deals don't have to be the hardest.

Distributed Enterprise clients, those with Multiple locations, can be complex. MasterStream CarrierAccess allows youth take the complexity out of knowing exactly what providers are available at every location and how much their services cost. CarrierAccess puts the power in your hands to run a single batch quote for up to 5000 different locations, all at one time. You'll save countless hours and be able to spend more time selling when you eliminate the administrative drain of multi location quotes bu automating with MasterStream CarrierAccess.

An essential tool for Provisioners and back office support

Never kick another deal back to sales again

It's a reality in the industry, sometimes orders find their way to Provisioning that cannot be fulfilled. CarrierAccess reduces that on the front end by providing accurate information from the provider right from the start. When changes are needed however, Provisioners or Back Office support teams armed with CarrierAccess can quickly find alternatives without declining an order back to the Sales organization. Its also a tremendous tool for revenue assurance making sure the right product was sold for the optimum cost for a companies bottom line.

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Report Builder keeps you in the know of whats important to you

Easy to use, powerful.

MasterStream Report Builder is a familiar feeling menu driven tool that allows you to build the reports you need to always have the data thats important to you front and center.

Be automated even when your Providers are not

Through APIs, databases and award winning software we automated and simplified the complexity of telecom sales.

Regardless of how your Providers choose to provide cost data, whether through APIs or a simple old spreadsheets, Masterstream CarrierAccess brings them all together and creates a stunning catalogue which automates, simplifies and accelerates your sales process. You can receive complete automation for your business regardless of the level of sophistication your Providers currently offer.

CarrierAccess is also the fast and easy way to automate a Provider's own catalogue. Take your old methodologies and let us transform them into an organized, efficient workflow that accelerates sales while saving time and money.