It's time to make your CPQ tool MasterStream smart

Configuring and pricing SKUs is simple, thats why everyone does it. Obtaining fast, reliable quotes from API's and databases managed by the the industry full of Carriers and Providers takes a little more skill and experience. That's where we come in, and you don't need to stand up a complete MasterStream system to make it happen. CPQaaS connects you to the world of instant quoting so you can stay in your system and leverage ours.
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You don't need another system, you need to empower the system you have

CPQaaS (Configure Price Quoting as a Service) is for Carriers, MSPs and Service Providers, large and small, who have committed to developing and maintaining their own technology infrastructure and have the resources to do so. While MasterStream ERP provides a full line of turn-key Provider Products with easy to use work flows and User Interfaces, implementing a Provider Product from MasterStream ERP means adding a system into your technology infrastructure. CPAaaS, on the other hand, provides Configure Price Quoting-as-a Service ("CPQaaS") fed via an API that you integrate into your own system infrastructure. This approach allows a company's end users of their technology infrastructure to continue using their existing systems while gaining the power of the most advanced complex telecom quoting engine in the telecom industry.

  • Turbo charge the BroadBand quoting from your own footprint to get accurate, up to date results in and instant.
  • Obtain quotes from any of your off-net providers and compare pricing and options to get exactly what you need without the hassle of contacting providers one at a time.
  • Single or multi-location batch quoting in a flash.

Reliability matters and CPQaaS assures your team is getting accurate up to date data from all the providers in your catalogue. With CPQaaS, you manage your systems and we take care of the quotes. Once a service is quoted, MasterStream responds with all the data fields you need so you can share and display that data in whatever manner best suits your business. When you're in control of the raw data, you can input the details of your quotes instantly into all the applications you choose. 

Imagine building dynamic quoting directly into your CRM. Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Hubspot or whatever system you use. Put the power, speed and efficiency into the hands of your sales team without the need for a forklift upgrade to a new system. Integrate dynamic quoting into any system you need and share data across your platform from CRM, to Project Management, to order implementation and Billing. Turn your billing system into a quote-to-bill system powered by MasterSteam.

As a Micro-service, the MasterStream CPQaaS service goes beyond simply providing quotes instantly. CPQaaS assures that your sales teams are getting the most current and accurate pricing by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and other outdated methods of obtaining pricing. When you implement CPQaaS, your company eliminates the fear of salespeople quoting from "old" sources. Catalogue management is performed dynamically through carrier API connectivity. The price you put in front of your customer will always be the current and best price available.


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Put your IT team in control

We created CPQaaS to acknowledge the needs of those Carriers, MSPs and Service Providers who need a better alternative for obtaining quotes from single or multiple broadband catalogues and want to augment the systems they have rather than replace them. CPQaaS is built with the development team in mind. Time is precious and IT resources are always in high demand in every company. CPQaaS will save you hundreds of hours of development and countless hours in maintaining and updating quote systems. Simply put, CPQaaS is the essential building block to integrate into your infrastructure to assure you are providing the fastest, most efficient quote tool to your sales teams while assure quality control and system integrity within the architecture you have selected.

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Plug in, power up and manage your business smarter with CPQaaS

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get the essential building block to your systems for fast, reliable and efficient telecom quoting.