How to Achieve Telecom Sales Automation with Accuracy and Speed

Learn why MasterStream's approach to telecom CPQ needs may be a better fit for your business than traditional configure, price, quote (CPQ) processes.

Automation has become a required component of any efficient telecom sales process. Quoting as a service (QaaS) offers complex quoting capabilities, featuring automated services that can be easily integrated into your existing customer relationship management (CRM) and sales tech stack. 


If you’re looking for innovative ways to better leverage automation in your telecom sales process, this checklist can assess the potential value of adopting QaaS for your sales team, along with providing guidance as you evaluate your options in the search for the perfect fit for your business.


In this checklist, you’ll discover: 

  • Common pain points in a manual sales process
  • An enhanced CPQ tailored specifically for telecom
  • The benefits of sales automation that you need for your business
  • Capabilities you should look for in telecom sales automation 
  • Questions you should ask when searching for sales automation tools
  • And more!

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