Hyper Drive

HyperDrive! by MasterStream

The business-in-a-box back office for micro-Master Agents.

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Professional-grade customer experience for quotes and sales

For agent companies looking to build their master agent business there’s HyperDrive! by MasterStream. With this kick-up version of our Drive! by MasterStream solution, you can extend “portal access” to your sub agents without the effort or expense of building and maintaining a portal.

HyperDrive! gives you all the same great features and benefits as Drive! and with the added MasterStream ERP agent portal your sub agents will have everything they need to close business through you. Best of all, it’s completely scalable and built to grow as you grow.

Professional-grade customer experience for quotes and sales

"MasterStream is what powers our portal for all of our agents across he nation. It's a simple, fast and easy way to get quotes, take orders, and bring it all t fruition and track it all the way through to the commission process."

VP of Sales