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As quotes turn into order and flow through your MasterStream system, all the critical data points are obtained to create flow through commission that are accurate. dependable and always up to date.

Know what you need to review at a glance

Your commissions are the lifeblood of your business and unfortunately commission discrepancies between Providers and Agents is a part of the business. MasterStream Commissions alerts you at a glance to changes in your commissions stream so you can be assured payments are earned.

Easy to use

Commissions can be complex but MasterStream's flexible, customizable user interfaces allows you to keep it all straight. Whether its commissions for single or multiple Providers, you'll see it all in one easy to use, easy to read and easy to understand dashboard .

Experts in telecom, experts in telecom automation

We pioneered automating complex telecom processes, from cost acquisition, finished quotes, proposals, sales orders and all the way to assuring commission are paid timely and accurately.
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Easy commission management by MasterStream.

  • The software you trust to automate your business needs to be flexible to support your company's quest to do it better. MasterStream's modular design allows you to automate where automation makes sense. We cater to whats right for you.
  • Available as a stand alone commissions module or with complete integration to your quote to order MasterStream system
  • Intuitive user interface where all the information you would expect is at your finger tips.
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Automation that stays personal

Great automation should enable you to stay closer to your partners, not keep them away. Learn how our smart automation empowers you to provide instant data and more effective person to person communications. 


It's like adding hours to your day

While time cannot be created, it can certainly be saved and it can be used more effectively. MasterStream will give you lost hours back to every day so you can achieve more.


Know what works

When your work flows through MasterStream you gain access to a wealth of reporting and information to help you make the right choices for your business. Work smarter with MasterStream.

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