Solutions Tailored to Automate, Simplify, and Accelerate Your Business

MasterStreamERP is a telecom-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider that serves businesses with intelligent software and process solutions, streamlining the business functions within the telecom sales process.


Provider Solutions



CarrierAccess by MasterStream simplifies and accelerates the wholesale telecom buyer market. With distinct solutions for those who buy from Providers, CarrierAccess will streamline your process, remove ICB and manual buy-side processes and drive profitability in your business.

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QuoteDesk by MasterStream is a powerful toolkit that builds upon the CarrierAccess buy-side automation and injects markup automation for any channel or customer. Learn how we can help you massively accelerate your sales cycle by performing tasks that - previously took hours, days, and even weeks - and turn them into seconds without hiring more staff.

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SalesEdge builds upon CarrierAccess and QuoteDesk to provide serviceability, cost (owned and leased) automation, markup, and automated proposal and order paperwork all in one automated process. Learn how you can remove ICB and Manual steps to fully automate and distribute product pricing to any channel.

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Agent & Master Agent Solutions



Designed as the productivity suite for telecom agents. Instant quoting from Multiple Master Agents and Carrier Providers. The Drive! product suite is configured from MasterStream’s time-tested MX platform, the most widely used telecom quoting software in the industry.

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HyperDrive by MasterStream, designed specifically for micro-master agents, to help gain more control over your quote and sales process, engage multiple suppliers, generate customized and professional quotes to deliver to your customers, and provide faster response times.

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PowerDrive!, by MasterStream ERP is a fully customizable configuration that goes well beyond ordinary CPQ (configure/price/quote) software solutions. PoweDrive! has infinite scalability making it the preferred choice of the largest Master Agents in the industry.

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The Right Tools For Success

Our “MasterStream” automation software solution is utilized by top telecom providers, resellers, and agents. Our commitment to leadership is reflected in the pioneering features integrated into MasterStream such as Instant Quotes, Automated Documents & Order and Commissions Management that have set the standard for telecom automation.

These solutions not only define “total automation”, but add incredible value to all elements of the telecom supply chain.

The Right Tools For Success

Complete control of your sales process with MasterStream

Drive! helps you manage your business from presales prospecting to every subsequent step in the sale - all the way through to revenue! You quickly get the information you need so you can reach more prospects and close more sales. These solutions not only define “total automation”, but add incredible value to all elements of the telecom supply chain.

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Software born from experience

MasterStream Products follow the natural flow as Leads progress to Orders and are specialized for the distribution segment they serve. Such rhythm and perfection can only be the result of a deep operating experience in the disciplines which we perfect.


"MasterStream is what powers our portal for all of our agents across the nation. It's a simple, fast and easy way to get quotes, take orders, and bring it all to fruition and track it all the way through to the commission process."

VP of Sales
MasterStream custom solution software spreadsheet

So Many Ways We Improve Telecom

Throughout 2017 we automated over 15 million telecom quotes every month and delivered information that previously took days or weeks and reduced the turnaround to mere seconds.

Our custom solutions allow business to automate time consuming functions, saving time and opening the door to increasing efficiency and accelerating revenue.

Steer your business to do more and earn more with complete control of your own customized MasterStream solution.

Feature Spotlight


Providers can quickly assess addresses to see which align to their own footprint. Those who need to quickly understand which of their Carriers and Providers are available at an address can access the information they need in a single search.


MasterStream’s flagship service. Enter an address, select the service(s) you want quoted and get your pricing. It’s that simple. Adding customized rules and guidelines help manage margins on every deal.


Easy to manage, simple to update and a breeze for your customers. Control your product portfolio in MasterStream and sales teams, Agents or wholesale partners can get real-time updates in availability and pricing. You update it once and it’s automatically pushed to the field.


Reporting and analysis that matters.

When your distribution channels use MasterStream you are armed with intelligent, actionable data on customer and sales behavior. Know what price points matter by channel, geography or any number of variables. Get inside your business. Get answers. Accelerate your business with sound information that is available nowhere else in telecom.

Reporting and analysis that matters