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The Provider information you need, lightening fast

You know the address and now you want to see which providers are available at that location to provide your service. BandwidthFinder is the most comprehensive availability tool in the market.

Unparalleled multi-location capabilities

Go beyond single location data to manage your multi-location projects with ease and accuracy. Use advanced filters and multiple data sets and with a single project communicate results to your team or clients through Project Sharing.

The inside info for Providers

We call them Private Data Sets. Its a resource for companies that want their own proprietary data displayed for their users alongside or without publicly accessible data. Designed for those that want a completely customizable, proprietary availability and analytics tool.

The telecom industry leader in automating complex quoting now provides the industry's best service qualification and availability tool

BandwidthFinder  - by MasterStream
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Get to know the BandwidthFinder Rating Precision

When you search a location or group of locations through BandwidthFinder you also get our proprietary Rating Precision for every location in your search. The Rating Precision lets you see at a glance which provider technology option is closest to the exact location you need service.

Quickly and easily identify the Rating Precision accuracy you need using filters to zero in on your solution faster. 

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Automation that is intuitive

Getting access to the information you need should be simple. No training course for BandwidthFinder needed. Simply activate BandwidthFinder and begin accessing a wealth of information formatted in a beautiful, easy to navigate dashboard.


It's like adding hours to your day

While time cannot be created, it can certainly be saved and it can be used more effectively. BandwidthFinder will save countless hours researching portals and reaching out to providers to see who is there. 


Accessible where you need it 

As a standalone tool or built into your MasterStream CPQ, BandwidthFinder is accessible based upon what suits your processes best. 

So what are you waiting for?

Put us to the test! Reach out and let us show you how we can help you save time, save money and accelerate you business. The consultation is completely free.