Configure accurate quotes at lightening speed 

Choose to pick your SKUs from your catalogue or utilize complete and instant automation, either way it's quick and easy.

Instantly configure price quotes for any number of products and services. MasterStream CPQ is unlike any other CPQ product because it's built for telecom and possess the heart of MasterStream's Instant Quoting Engine. Start with your customer's address and with a few key strokes users access instant availability and pricing data. There's simply nothing else like it. MasterStream is the telecom industry's go-to tool kit for fast reliable pricing.

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A clean dashboard to manage quotes and stay on top of opportunities 

Beautifully simple by design

With Quote Manager functionality, MasterStream CPQ displays all of your quotes in an easy to navigate tool that lets you see the most important information for all your quotes displayed across the Quote Manager Dashboard. MasterStream organizes all of your pending and completed quotes and makes finding, reviewing, updating and changing quotes simple and efficient.

Have no fear, we're upgradeable & integration capable

Your business is going to grow and scale, so should your software.

Scaling is more than just adding users. MasterStream is a robust toolkit with a multitude of feature packs designed to be put to use as the needs of the business requires them. We don't sell software you don't need. MasterStream will support exactly what you need along your path to scale. Need to integrate with other systems, no problem, we play nice with others.


Get the power of the MasterStream Quote Engine

Automating over 15 Million quotes every month!

Quite simply the most efficient and fastest way to obtain telecom quotes, period. Eliminate the need to check outdated spreadsheets or log into multiple portals. With MasterStream you enter the address once and instantly get the pricing for all your Carriers and Providers. Why wait hours days or weeks, get it instantly and sell more.

Connected CPQ thats takes you beyond the others

Engage with customers and Vendors

MasterStream CPQ is more than just configuring, pricing and Quoting. Our advanced functionality connects you to your world of Service Providers and into The MasterStream Sales Hubs, our ecosystem of connected sellers. Extend portals to sales teams, VARs and agents. MasterStream puts you in control of automating your distribution channels so you can increase revenue while massively decreasing the operating expenses associated with selling.

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