Meet our Customer Success Team

We take your success seriously, thats why we have a team dedicated to it.

It's more than making great software. Our mission is to help you succeed and we have the experience to help. We've worked with hundreds of Carriers and thousands of Agents to do just that. Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to working with you to implement best practices, optimize your workflows and see to it we're doing everything we can to support your goals


Every one of our clients is different, we'll get to know you too

While its true we all have a lot in common in the telecom industry, no two clients we have are exactly alike. We work with every client to understand whats best for the way the want run their business. Automation is not all or nothing, so we'll work together to design whats right for your business and grow together.

Experience you can trust

We pioneered automated telecom quoting
We are the leader in complex telecom quote automation. Trusted by the industry with over 15 Million quotes every month you can rest assured we know how to get things done. Our clientele is a whose-who of telecom and we serve and advise companies from start-ups to the successors of Ma Bell.

Save your IT department and let us help

Lean on Professional Services from MasterStream to deliver for you on-time and on-budget.

Our software can't save you money if its only in your plans. If your project is standing in line waiting on available IT resources, consider using the MasterStream Pro Services Team to get your project completed.

Need regular help? We've got you covered

The choice is yours, we're available
Need help maintaining your own data? Implementing catalogue updates? Looking for a lengthier growth or implementation plan? Streamlining the chaotic into routine processes doesn't happen overnight. We work with clients non-standard deliverables on an as needed basis or through monthly or quarterly maintenance packages, the choice is yours.