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Brilliantly easy to use

Automated quotes in about the same amount of time takes to type an address

Telecom can be complex, but we make it simple. Whether you're choosing CarrierAccess, QuoteDesk or SalesEdge nothing could be easier.

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Clean, clear forms make it simple to learn and use

Minimal inputs get you started so you can get results fast

Pick from your existing customer lists or enter a new address and you'll be quoting in a flash.

Multi-location qualification and pricing in an instant

Manage multi location customers efficiently
Retrieve and view quotes for multi-location quotes requests all from a straightforward, sensible dashboard. Compare pricing and results and easily design the right solution for your customers.
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Review and edits quotes right from your dashboard

It more than just getting the quotes fast.

MasterStream gives you a place to manage your quotes and manage your business. Easily find and review quotes from today or from the past. Update and edit all from one place. Stay organized and work efficiently.

Our flexible Report Builder is standard

Stay on top of your business with custom report builder
Create custom reports to see all the data you need. Set auto-delivery for periodic delivery of standard reports right to your inbox and stay informed. Easy to use, easy to share.
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