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Imagine you had a seat at the table every time a buyer was looking for services you sell...that's Provider SalesHub

Be visible

When MasterStream users go looking for Providers they instantly see whose available. If you're not in the SalesHub, then you're not being seen. 

Tremendous scale

MasterStream users process over 15 million quotes every month. Provider SalesHub members are exposed at the point when buyers are looking for Providers.

Tremendous ROI

Provider SalesHub is one of the most cost effective marketing initiatives into which a Carrier or Provider can engage. It's not only exposure to a connected world of potential customers, its smart, it's timely and it drives sales.

Simple to manage, we're here to help

Our team makes it easy to present your footprint and service capabilities out to the largest connected eco-system in telecom.

Increase your Sales


We know you have resources to make yourself available to Providers that are looking to buy your services. But what about when they're looking to buy your competitors services? What about when they're not thinking about you at all? Being in Provider SalesHub solves that. Because Provider SalesHub lets you appear as an option, buyers that would have not have considered you will now know you are there. The Provider SalesHub service pays for itself with just a couple deals a month.

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Let yourself be known


Theres an old saying: "Out of sight, out of mind." We believe the opposite is also true. Even when circumstances occur when you are not selected as a Provider, letting the connected world of telecom buyers know the geography, products and capabilities you posess puts you one step closer to the next deal. Provider SalesHub is simply one of the most effective means to put your brand in front of those who you want to know it. 

Legendary service from the team at MasterStream

We take your success seriously, thats why we have a team committed to it.

It's more than making great software. Our mission is to help you succeed and we have the experience to help. We've worked with hundreds of Carriers and thousands of Agents to do just that. Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to working with you to implement best practices, optimize your workflows and see to it we're doing everything we can to support your goals.