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Automated, accurate quotes with Dynamic CPQ delivered in an instant

Quote a single provider or many, all from one place

When you use QuoteDesk by MasterStream, you have access to Finished Quotes (a quote where dynamic CPQ rules are automatically applied) for any number of Carriers, Providers and the Product catalogues. Skip maintaining spreadsheets or seeking out Provider employees to get your quotes. Simply login to MasterStream, select the product or products you're looking for, add an address and click. Instantly you'll have everything you need to create a proposal and win business fast.


Multi-location qualification and pricing in an instant

The biggest deals don't have to be the hardest.

Distributed Enterprise clients, those with Multiple locations, can be complex. MasterStream CarrierAccess allows youth take the complexity out of knowing exactly what providers are available at every location and how much their services cost. CarrierAccess puts the power in your hands to run a single batch quote for up to 5000 different locations, all at one time. You'll save countless hours and be able to spend more time selling when you eliminate the administrative drain of multi location quotes by automating with MasterStream CarrierAccess.

Create dynamic product solutions automatically

Increased efficiency to disparate products.

Your products are the building blocks to your customer's solution. MasterStream QuoteDesk enables you to dynamically link desired products together to create automated product catalogue bundling. Reduce Sales Engineering oversight requirements by assuring product configurations are built and quoted accurately from the start.


Get more orders by connecting to the Agent SalesHub

The incredible MasterStream eco-system of thousands of Agents

Agent SalesHub is the ecosystem of connected Providers and Agents and it allows you, as a Provider, to be seen as an option by all those who are generating quotes or looking for what Carriers and Providers are available. Unlike any other Marketing program, being in the Agent SalesHub gives you exposure at just the right time, when sales are happening. Agent SalesHub is like having a seat at the table for every quote thats being created.

It's CarrierAccess and QuoteDesk built into one

QuoteDesk, by MasterStream gives you more.

With QuoteDesk, you get all the features of CarrierAccess and the enhanced capabilities that make it QuoteDesk. Go beyond just cost acquisition and provide finished dynamic quote and a whole lot more.


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