Massive ROI on tools that work

MasterStream tools save immense amounts of time out of the sales process which translates to as much as 90% of the time sales people spend preparing quotes, proposals and sales orders.

Quote just about anything

It's what made MasterStream into an essential tool for the Telecom industry. Instantly produce beautiful quotes, proposals and sales orders in just seconds.

Let salespeople sell

Sounds simple, right? MasterStream removes the administrative burden from salespeople giving them the information they need in jest seconds. That frees them up to work with more clients more of their time.

We automate over 15 million quotes a month

We are the engine that powers automated telecom quoting, trusted by the industry to process over 15 Million quotes every month.
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Automate a lot, or automate a little.

  • We get it. The software you trust to improve your business needs to be flexible to support your company's quest to do it better. MasterStream's modular design allows you to automate where automation makes sense. We cater to whats right for you.
  • Stand alone solutions provide complete functionality within an intuitive, easy to use system without the need to integrate into other systems within your architecture
  • QaaS integration capable interfaces provide those who want to integrate the power of MasterStream into their own CRM, CPQ or other systems the ability to do so.
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Automation that stays personal

Great automation should enable you to stay closer to your partners, not keep them away. Learn how our smart automation empowers you to provide instant data and more effective person to person communications. 


It's like adding hours to your day

While time cannot be created, it can certainly be saved and it can be used more effectively. MasterStream will give you lost hours back to every day so you can achieve more.


Know what works

When your work flows through MasterStream you gain access to a wealth of reporting and information to help you make the right choices for your business. Work smarter with MasterStream.

So what are you waiting for?

Put us to the test! Reach out and let us show you how we can help you save time, save money and accelerate you business. The consultation is completely free.