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Availability, Quotes and Proposals in a flash! 

Start with an address, select a product, and you're off and running.

We accelerate every step of the way to the sale.  SalesEdge lets you obtain costs, create quotes and deliver finished custom proposals from one Provider or many in slightly more than the time it takes for you to type your customers address. It's really that simple. Know whose available and what they can provide. Empower sales teams to sell more by giving then the critical tools they need. SalesEdge is the single portal that organizes you're own footprint and the world of off-net Providers and makes selling fast and efficient.

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Stay organized with all your quotes proposals

It's not CRM, its Quote Manager by MasterStream.

The Quote Manager tool in SalesEdge is a powerful tool that lets you see at a glance all of the quote requests and proposals you're working. Stay on top of your revenue opportunities without the clutter. It's perfect for salespeople and equally  effective for Quote Desk teams or Sales Support.

Quickly and efficiently create and edit your quotes and proposals. Clone configurations, replicate documents and add locations all from one clean easy to use dashboard.

Built for enterprise -Multi-location, Multi-Provider, fast.

Turn that spreadsheet of addresses into quotes without chasing line after line of data

The typical telecom Sales organization spends countless hours processing large batch quote requests. They're the biggest opportunities most organizations have, but they can be time consuming. We make bulk qualification, address validation and cost acquisition, quoting and proposing a snap. Don't take days and weeks to know what you can sell, get it now with SalesEdge

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Get ahead of the competition

When you only get one shot at a first impression, you need to make it count for all the right reasons.

When you respond faster to prospects and customers, you're showing them you have what it takes to be trusted with their business. With MasterStream the information your sales team needs is always at their finger tips which means responding to prospects and customers can happen in a flash. Don't leave customers waiting. Keep them informed through every step of the sales process and close more business.

Connected CPQ thats takes you beyond the others

Engage with customers and Vendors

MasterStream CPQ is more than just configuring, pricing and Quoting. Our advanced functionality connects you to your world of Service Providers and into The MasterStream Sales Hubs, our ecosystem of connected sellers. Extend portals to sales teams, VARs and agents. MasterStream puts you in control of automating your distribution channels so you can increase revenue while massively decreasing the operating expenses associated with selling.

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