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Instantly Automate quotes with Dynamic CPQ and go farther in SalesEdge

Prepare finished quotes and create proposals for a single provider or many, all in an instant

When you use SalesEdge by MasterStream, you can instantly create Finished Quotes (a quote where dynamic CPQ rules are automatically applied) for any number of Carriers, Providers and Product catalogues.

Beyond the Quote, SalesEdge automates all the way to the order be automated sales order documents, order documents and other essential templates. Docusign compatible its fast and simple to go from lead to sale in a flash. 


Multi-location Qual/Quote & Sell in an instant

We create simplicity for multi-location sales

Distributed Enterprise clients, those with Multiple locations, can be complex. MasterStream SalesEdge simplifies selling to major accounts and multi-location companies. SalesEdge puts the power in your hands to run a single batch quote for up to 5000 different locations, all at one time. You'll save countless hours. Research and review all your options at every location quickly and efficiently.  Manage everything step within the sales process and transform your project management by automating with MasterStream SalesEdge.

Channel Portals are built right in

Extend portals to channels and teams without needing an IT build

SalesEdge takes quoting to the next level of efficiency with Channel Portals built right in. You control the level of access and capabilities for every Channel you have. Direct Sales, Wholesale, Agents and VARs can all be given portals with all the capabilities they need and also with specific guardrails pertaining to your needs in managing the business effectivly. 


Get more orders by connecting to the Agent SalesHub

The incredible MasterStream eco-system of thousands of Agents

Agent SalesHub is the ecosystem of connected Providers and agents it allows you, as a Provider, to be seen as an option by all those who are generating quotes or looking for what Carriers and Providers are available. Unlike any other Marketing program, being in the Provider SalesHub gives you exposure at just the right time, when sales are happening. Agent SalesHub is like having a seat at the table for every quote thats being created.

The most complete automation solution

SalesEdge has it all

With MasterStream SalesEdge you are getting all the features and capabilities of MasterStream CarrierAccess, MasterStream QuoteDesk plus the enhanced capabilities only available in SalesEdge.


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