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We create software that the telecom industry turns to when they have chosen to become better at what they do. Our software connects people with people, empowering an industry and accelerating growth.  We make possible, smart, efficient processes and automation that turns leads into orders. We stand for an industry being connected and doing it better.

Automation is the key to scaling most modern enterprises
MasterStreamERP is a telecom-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider that serves businesses with intelligent software and process solutions, streamlining the business functions within the telecom sales process.


Telecom’s most trusted solutions for automating sales distribution requirements & catalogue management for wholesale, direct and channel sales.

Master Agent &
Agent Solutions

Connecting agents and providers and streamlining fast and efficient quotes and orders. Manage seemlessly and work efficiently with our solutions.

Marketing Engine

MasterStream’s truly unique eco-systems have become a marketing essential, connecting the people in telecom together, increasing provider exposure and buying opportunities.


Best of breed process and workflow improvement consulting, based on our experience from helping hundreds of Providers and thousands of Agents.

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Unlock the keys to crushing quota and accelerating your sales team's success. We've worked with hundreds of Carriers and thousands of Agents in helping them to do just that. Download this simple guide and read about the common barriers to success and what you can do to make sure your team is on the right path to optimizing your sales efficiency. Recapture lost time so you can spend more time selling and growing your business!

Complete automation is our business
MasterStream ERP’s focus on simplicity and ease of use has made MasterStream ERP the first choice in hosted
telecom Lead-to-Cash software solutions.

Each Distribution Channel is unique. That’s why we’ve preconfigured MasterStream ERP solutions to fit the needs of common telecom and technology segments. In addition to configurations geared to fit the needs of Retail Commercial Sales and Carrier/Provider wholesale, our suite of MasterStream Provider Services has a multitude of options. And it’s as flexible and unique as those who use them.


MasterSteam takes the “alternate” out of alternate channels for providers and agents alike. Agents are commonly driving a high percentage of the revenue for providers while independently operating their own businesses. For agents, using MasterStream is like being on the inside of all of the carriers and providers you’ve chosen top represent.

We build scalable, modularized software that can seamlessly collaborate with many popular software programs and services. As a result, our clients utilize us for a variety of mission critical functions without the requirement to forklift systems or overhaul existing services. In addition, apps like MasterStream Quote for Salesforce lets you launch and utilize your MasterStream automated quote tool right from within your Salesforce CRM Opportunity.

A Focus On Telecom Solutions

In 2005 we pioneered automating telecom quotes and today we automate over 15 Million telcom quotes every single month. Our automation allows companies to do in mere minutes what previously was talking them hours, days and even weeks. We save time, increase efficiency and accelerate our clients revenue.

"I have been working with MasterStream since 2007 with their world class agent portal. MasterStream gives our agents the ability to automate quotes. They can generate service orders and get the deals off the street sooner, and this has increased our productivity and sales."

Wendy Grover, Partner Portal Manager

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