How BandwidthFinder Delivers a More Efficient, Evolved Approach to Bandwidth Solutions

March 29, 2024

Advancements in technology have allowed local, national, and global communications to increase exponentially. Looking towards the future, communication needs are being met with $1.8 trillion in private sector investments in U.S. broadband infrastructure. With this influx comes more telecom provider options, so how should businesses go about choosing the right provider?

In the past, finding the right bandwidth solutions required a significant amount of time investment on the part of sales professionals. With today’s intelligence platforms, access to data information allows for a much easier research process that requires little more than an address from the researcher. Plus, it allows bandwidth providers to be found much more easily as well.

What Is BandwidthFinder?

As part of our robust line of products at MasterStream ERP, BandwidthFinder is our evolved approach to bandwidth solutions. BandwidthFinder is an algorithm that includes a data set of 900+ address-level fiber carriers and 2,500+ broadband carriers, with solution providers included and private data options available.

This fast-acting algorithm aggregates data from hundreds of data sources in moments to provide a custom tailored solution to fit your needs. All you need is an address to see which providers are available, and our algorithm quickly does all the work.

With this approach, we have provided working professionals, businesses, telecom agents, solution providers, and carriers a lightning-fast view of location and provider serviceability, plus intelligent bandwidth solutions at every location.

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Who Is BandwidthFinder For?

BandwidthFinder is a platform for individual professionals from any industry, including telecom agents or brokers, or telecom solutions providers. Regardless of the role that describes you best, all three versions of BandwidthFinder have the following features:

  • Public data, which includes 2,500+ broadband technology carriers and 900+ dedicated technology carriers
  • My Lookup and My Project Views, which are project features based on your customizations and individual needs
  • Rating Precision, which allows you to find the exact asset in a location
  • Share functions, which allow you to share information with clients and members within your organization.

Depending on your position, here are the three BandwidthFinder versions you can choose from:

  • Professional: This version is for single-seat working professionals of any kind, from any industry, seeking access to highly accurate provider serviceability data.
  • Enterprise: This version is for any business, including any telecom agent or broker business, seeking highly accurate provider serviceability data for their entire organization and partner network.
  • Provider: This version is for any telecom solution provider or carrier that requires evaluation of single and multi-address projects to see other provider solutions, as well as their own.

Three Key Benefits of a Bandwidth Solutions Tool

According to a report from Deloitte, 86 percent of the surveyed networking execs claimed advanced wireless provisions will transform their organization within three years. In the same report, 79 percent say the same change will occur in their industry. Communications technology is critically important to business success today, which means tools like BandwidthFinder are necessary for accessing the right bandwidth solutions provider easily and accurately.

1. Tailor-Made for the User

Finding the right bandwidth solutions shouldn’t be difficult. With our platform, you will experience a fully automated process that requires very little work from the user. With an easy-to-use interface, users can easily navigate their projects, customize lookups based on rating precision, and make informed decisions with a solutions dashboard.

2. Efficient Project Management

One of the greatest benefits of BandwidthFinder is the user experience that allows for easy navigation and project management. Using location capabilities and network presence, you can aggregate multiple addresses into a project view, giving you a rich metadata dashboard experience to understand your entire project with minimal effort. From there, you can glean powerful insights related to the providers and technologies available, as well as easily filter in and out attributes that matter to your business.

3. Easy Delivery of Information

Once you have all the necessary information to help make the right bandwidth solutions, you can utilize affordable sharing using guest access. Depending on the version of BandwidthFinder, this personalized data can be used to share with your clients or team members on a project.

The Evolved Bandwidth Solutions Provider

In a highly technology-driven world, it’s important to use the most efficient, evolved approach to bandwidth solutions. This is why we provide a full product line to assist buyers and sellers of telecom services. BandwidthFinder plays a major role in helping businesses maximize profits and find solutions quickly.

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