BandwidthFinder Isn’t Just a Fiber Locator Tool

March 29, 2024

A fiber locator tool is used to discover and distribute information concerning the existence of fiber optic infrastructure. Fiber locator tools are used most often by network operators, telecom providers, and telecom agents to determine the existence of fiber optics in a building. They also determine where the closest fiber infrastructure exists, if it isn’t already in the building they are researching.

Fiber optic infrastructure can be categorized into two groups:

  • On-net: When a fiber optic network infrastructure exists in a building, that building is considered to be “on-net.”
  • Near-net: When a fiber-optic network infrastructure is near a building of interest, that building is considered to be “near-net.”

Although a fiber-locator tool is useful for finding these on-net and near-net buildings, they don’t paint the whole picture, and they create a lot of manual work for those trying to find solutions.

Our tool, BandwidthFinder, can do everything a fiber locator tool can do and more. In this blog post, we go over the many benefits of a better bandwidth finding solutions tool.


The Benefits of Our Fiber Locator Tool

BandwidthFinder is a fast, easy, and precise tool that includes a data set of hundreds of fiber carriers plus all of the other technologies provided by those carriers. Within seconds, you can access hundreds of solutions from carriers and solution providers that have a presence at specific locations based on your specifications.

The main features of BandwidthFinder include:

An Easy-to-Use Interface

The two primary functioning features, My Lookup and My Project, are leveraged by our bandwidth ranking algorithm to help you find solutions based on your preferences. Our algorithm is designed to automatically reduce the time and labor required to find a single location solution or a multiple location solution. 

Rating Precision

To help you find a tech asset of interest, our Rating Precision feature provides several important features, including whether or not an address is on-net or near-net. This feature also tells you if the technology asset of interest is within the census block or zip code, if the specific location of interest does not have relevant address level options.

Affordable Project Sharing

To make sure you are on the same page, BandwidthFinder provides a read-only access feature that allows you to share single or multi-location project solutions with employees, partners, customers, or prospects. This makes it easy to collaborate on the next steps of your buyer’s journey. This feature is available at any subscription level. 

Serviceability Guest Access

If you select an enterprise- or provider-level subscription, you can add guest users, allowing them to perform lookups against data sets that you have defined. In other words, a personalized serviceability portal is available to partners, customers, and any other crucial business stakeholder. 

Location Capabilities

Your primary objective is to find on-net and near-net buildings, so being able to easily manage multi-location projects with accuracy is tantamount to your success. Within the platform, you can use advanced filters and multiple data sets within a single project. From there, you can communicate results with your team or client through simple project sharing. 

Personalized Data and Projects

Much like the location capabilities feature, BandwidthFinder allows its users to access private data sets so that they can have their own proprietary data displayed for users. This information can be made public or kept private depending upon the audience, and is completely customizable. 

Network Presence 

One of the most important features of our platform, Network Presence allows users to evaluate carriers and solution providers that can service an address through their suppliers. By evaluating network presence, you can build a stronger, more connected cloud-based application or network solutions, depending on your role.

Configure Our Fiber Locator Tool to Your Needs

Although fiber locator tools are useful for varied companies in telecommunications, most of the platforms are suitable only for finding fiber and neglect the needs of your sales employees and partner network.

Our provider platform is highly configurable, and the options below represent the most common configurations:

  • Professional: This single-seat option is for any working professional who needs access to highly accurate provider serviceability data. 
  • Enterprise: This option allows employee and guest access and is meant for businesses seeking access to accurate provider serviceability data, either for their organization or partners.
  • Provider: This product provides comprehensive serviceability for carriers or solution providers. This option evaluates single and multi-address projects that includes information about their own or leased network assets. It also allows the users to see other providers’ work to build a full solution. 

All three options provide public data from more than 2,500 broadband technology carriers and more than 900 dedicated technology carriers. They all have personalized project views, rating precision, and sharing options.

Utilize This Robust Tool Today

BandwidthFinder is more than just a fiber locator tool. It provides insight into both on-net and near-net carriers and solutions providers through an easy-to-use platform that can be personalized based on your needs.

To get started with BandwidthFinder, request a demo today!


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