How Global Address Management Allows for Bandwidth Providers to Level Up

March 29, 2024

Worldwide, consumers and businesses have embraced the rapid growth of technology with more than 59 zettabytes of data captured in 2020 and an expected $3.7 trillion spent on information technology products by businesses in 2021. With these massive technology spending budgets, businesses are figuring out, first, what to do with the constant flow of information and, second, how to access it easily.

When performing bandwidth provider research online, a telecom salesperson is looking first and foremost for quick, relevant data. And for good reason: as part of the reported 2021 information technology product budget, businesses are expected to spend upwards of $704 billion on telecommunications systems.
Professionals in the telecom industry have access to a global address network, which is a database of fiber carriers and broadband carriers that provide services to a physical address, providing quick, relevant information. However, telecom providers leverage many different techniques to standardize or validate their addresses. There is no single method between all providers, which makes address matching between disparate systems a challenge.

Global address management is the ability to consume disparate address data from external sources and unify those addresses into a single structure that allows users to search a specific address and receive matches from all providers regardless of their address naming and validation methods.

With the right tool, such as BandwidthFinder, bandwidth service providers can gain a few benefits:

  • Providing relevant information that creates a complete picture of the bandwidth at any given address allows telecom sales professionals to find the best bandwidth service for their clients.
  • Undergoing serviceability evaluations produces correct results across all of your owned network and leased network from other suppliers even though the other suppliers may standardize or validate their addresses differently.

Telecom sales professionals can also experience the benefit of a full spectrum of data that can be sorted and filtered to find valuable insights.

To learn more about the benefits of global address management and the tool that provides the relevant information, read on.


Incorporating global address management practices can benefit bandwidth providers.

A global address management tool provides a long list of benefits for bandwidth providers. When providing information for an intelligent tool, you become a part of a data set that matches your capabilities to the telecom salespeople using the same program.

Here are some of the key benefits of providing information for a global address management tool.


First and foremost, a global address management tool provides accurate serviceability results. Serviceability data is crucial to connecting with the right telecom service at a given location, and the more accurate the data, the better a bandwidth provider compares to competitors.

An address is consistent between your public data and private data repositories. However, you have the option of communicating your information to a general public of telecom salespeople or creating a private, personalized serviceability portal only accessible to partners, customers, or any other crucial business stakeholders.

Finally, because of address data trustworthiness, the quoting accuracy increases. Telecom sales professionals can see your full range of quality services and the pricing information for them.

Business Intelligence Applied Across Disparate Data Sources

One of the greatest benefits of business intelligence platforms is their ability to synchronize information from a variety of sources. With information from all carriers and solution providers, you can compare data at one or more addresses.

Solution-based algorithms can produce more intuitive address-specific results. From there, the program provides the best solution based on a number of different provider attributes.

Provider Attributes

It’s not only important to understand which provider has the best solutions but why those solutions work so well. A global address management tool shows a telecom sales team the following relevant information:

  • Access technology: Whether it’s fiber to the end-user, cable internet access, or an integrated services digital network
  • Facility relationship: Whether you own or lease the network asset
  • Speed: The rate at which the services are provided to the user
  • Provider Type: Whether they own the asset or if they resell to someone else
  • Rating Precision: Exactly how close the tech asset is to the searched location

Provider Coverage and Technology Coverage

The provider coverage and technology coverage attributes of the tool allow sales teams to see how bandwidth providers and technologies rank against each other.

  • With provider coverage, users can toggle between top providers across all locations or the entirety of a provider’s coverage, giving you immediate metadata for larger projects.
  • With technology coverage, users can toggle between top technologies across all locations or the entirety of a technology’s coverage, giving you immediate metadata for larger projects.

Leveling up with BandwidthFinder

Bandwidth providers want to provide all the necessary information quickly and accurately to a salesperson. That’s what you get when you use BandwidthFinder: fast, easy, and precise information delivered to the right people.

With our algorithm, you join a data set of 900+ address-level fiber carriers and 2,500+ broadband carriers to match up against competitors and show off your industry-leading services.

Ready to get started with BandwidthFinder? Request a demo today.


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