How On-Net Telecom Services Can Activate Savings for Your Business

March 29, 2024

The business world (and the rest of the world, really) is entirely reliant on an internet connection to ensure operations are conducted efficiently. These days, with so many different internet and connectivity solutions, businesses don’t just need any old connection—they need one that will guarantee they have the fastest speed with the lowest amount of downtime. 

There are several connectivity options available, and each one is suitable for companies that vary in size and operation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how on-net telecom services are the best bet to activate savings for your business. 

What’s the Difference Between On-Net and Off-Net Connectivity?

Before we jump into the benefits of on-net connectivity, let’s broaden our understanding of the solution by discussing the alternative options:

  • On-net service is provided by a carrier that owns network facilities at a specific location and is connected at that location. 
  • Off-net connectivity refers to a solution from a provider that has connected to a location by purchasing the use of the local network facility through a supplier relationship. 
  • Near-net connectivity is a connectivity solution sourced from locations that are close to buildings with fiber assets

Off-Net Connectivity

Off-net connectivity came onto the scene for one primary reason: It’s unrealistic for every solution provider to build infrastructure in every location that needs connectivity. To accommodate, off-net providers connect with on-net providers to lease connectivity infrastructure.

Although off-net connectivity is a great solution for businesses that need a reliable internet source, this solution often involves unknown and hard-to-identify variables compared to on-net connectivity. This not only affects connectivity, but also service quality.


Near-Net Connectivity

Similar to off-net connectivity, near-net connectivity connects with fiber assets attached to nearby on-net infrastructure. Generally, the buildings that utilize near-net connectivity have not yet justified the capital investment in physical infrastructure. Near-net locations are great opportunities for on-net carriers to identify where to build infrastructure in the future. 

Similar to off-net connectivity, near-net comes with the same hard-to-identify variables that could affect connectivity and service quality. 

The Financial Benefits of On-Net Connectivity

When people talk about connectivity solutions, they’re primarily focused on the speed and reliability of the connection. However, the hidden benefit of on-net connectivity is financial.

Here’s how on-net connectivity works for your reliability, efficiency, and wallet:

Controlling Infrastructure

When you connect to physical infrastructure, you connect to the most reliable solution. Not only does on-net connectivity mean longer uptime, but it also means the provider bypasses third parties to troubleshoot issues. 

The on-net provider has complete control over serviceability options, including access to the network facilities that create your service.  This means your business can expect that troubleshooting and monitoring of the service will not be interrupted by third-party vendors because on-net providers are not using third parties in their supply chain.

Less Downtime, More Efficiency 

According to research conducted by Statistica, the average hourly downtime cost of enterprise servers in 2019 was between $301,000-$400,000. When a server goes down, your employees can’t work. When they can’t work, your bottom line suffers.

On-net connectivity provides the most reliable service with the least amount of downtime. 


Built-in infrastructure at an address means that you can be confident in connectivity from at least one provider at that location. Direct connection to infrastructure ensures reliability. When issues do arise, they can be resolved promptly. 

Find On-Net Connectivity with BandwidthFinder 

Now that you’re ready to find on-net connectivity, you need a tool that delivers fast, precise information about the right tech assets.

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