Move Over Fiber Maps, Hello Solutions-Based Algorithms

March 29, 2024

For businesses in the telecom industry, manual research to find serviceability was once the only solution. However, with the advancement of technology, this is no longer necessary. Instead, telecom businesses can now use data-driven processes and automated research tools.

Research tools have also paved the way to finding serviceability beyond the use of fiber maps, which at one point were the only way to find service. However, this solution was only semi-automated and still required telecom professionals to rely on manual research by tracing routes on a fiber map.

Luckily, new advanced tools provide robust, immediate information on fiber assets. Here’s how technology allows for a more immediate, automated approach.

Fiber Maps vs. Solutions-Based Algorithm Tools: What’s the Difference?

Year after year, telecom serviceability continues to grow in complexity, which requires more work to accomplish the task of evaluating availability at an address. To produce the most comprehensive insights into availability, accurate research needs to include both public and private data sets. This process is tedious and time-consuming. Plus, manual research can produce plenty of unneeded errors.

The Rise and Decline of Fiber Maps

A fiber map is a visual representation that shows the physical placement of a fiber-optic network. These maps visualize specific cables, fiber-lit buildings, telecom carriers, and more within the telecommunications infrastructure.

Fiber maps also allowed organizations and companies to share information faster than they were ever capable of before. Plus, providers gained insight into other providers, giving them a competitive advantage.

Now, with more advanced technology, fiber maps are no longer the best option for those who need to find fiber and service. For one thing, fiber maps still require a noticeable amount of manual research. However, manual research is a huge time waste and increases the chances for error.

Although some element of evaluating a map for route diversity can still be beneficial, using this tool for data evaluation is replaceable. Think of it this way: Would you rather manually evaluate data plotted on a map or have the answer given to you by a software-led digital tool?


Why Is a Solutions-Based Algorithm Tool Superior?

You need information on a fiber asset quickly and accurately. A fiber map isn’t going to do this for you, but a tool that uses solutions-based algorithms will.

This type of tool allows users to get immediate data to be leveraged to find the best service solutions based on locations or a set of locations. These data-driven solutions help to save on time, decrease the amount of labor, and provide more accurate data.

Utilizing the right software and tool, you have access to the following information:

Rating Precision

With this metric, you can identify the proximity of telecom services to a specific address or set of addresses. If the rating is particularly high, you can be confident that the quality and consistency of that service matches the rating.

The Quality of the Identified Technology

Although they might say they provide the same services, not all telecom technologies function at the same level. Using the right tool, you can quantify the infrastructure located in a building so that you are seeing the technologies listed from highest to lowest quality.

Whether the Service Is On-Net, Off-Net, or Near-Net

Knowing the relationship to the data can determine the quality of services. Using the right tool, you can find out if the provider owns the infrastructure, leases it, or if it is public data. The algorithm takes these factors into consideration so that you can determine which asset would be best for your serviceability needs.

The best part: With the right tool, each of these features are available within minutes, not hours or days.

Leave Fiber Maps in the Past by Implementing BandwidthFinder Today

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