The Value of BandwidthFinder: A Bandwidth Provider Serviceability Tool

March 29, 2024

The internet has become infused into daily living and business operations. With 87 percent of people in the U.S. using the internet, a count that is expected to increase alongside increases in mobile devices and electronics markets, some argue that it should be considered a utility because it is essential for modern living.

For a long time, businesses seeking bandwidth services have delegated too many hours to researching bandwidth providers. These days, with the right tool, those hours that would have been dedicated to research can now be directed towards the business’s core competencies.

BandwidthFinder exists to make the bandwidth provider research process easier and faster for professionals in the telecom industry. All you need is an address to see which providers are available, and our algorithm quickly does all the work. Here’s how it works:

  • Our algorithm includes a data set of 900+ address-level fiber carriers and 2,500+ broadband carriers, with solution providers included and private data options available.
  • Within moments, BandwidthFinder aggregates data from hundreds of data sources and creates a tailored solution to fit your needs.
  • BandwidthFinder provides businesses, agents, carriers, and resellers a lightning-fast view of location and provides serviceability intelligent solutions at every location.

Sounds good so far? Read on to learn more about BandwidthFinder.



Primary Benefits for Bandwidth Providers

All benefits of the BandwidthFinder come down to the convenience it provides for businesses, telecom sales reps, and providers by providing fast, precise information that requires only an address from the user. This tool emphasizes customization: Once you find the bandwidth provider information at a set of addresses, you can manage your own projects to focus on the data that matters most to your business.

Here are eight of the main benefits users can expect to experience when using our BandwidthFinder.

1. Easy-to-Use Interface

Users can customize their interfaces to display information that is relevant to them. Using My Lookup and My Project interfaces, our ranking algorithm provides information about a single location or multiple locations automatically, helping to reduce the time and labor it would take to research independently.

2. Rating Precision

This feature shows proximity of tech assets in relation to your location. The feature levels are based on address, near net, ZIP, ZIP+4, and census block.

3. A Fully Automated Process

Using this tool provides a lot of clear information, with no labor or research required from the user. The convenience and efficiency attributes include accuracy, level of location, provider information. access category and technology, and speed levels.

4. Affordable Sharing

With so many moving parts in providing communications solutions, collaboration is key. To assist the workflow, project research for a single address or multi-location project can be shared with coworkers, partners, clients, or prospective clients.

5. Guest Access

Depending on the level of the subscriber, enterprises and providers can collaborate with guest users, allowing them to cowork in a project. Partners, clients, and business stakeholders can function in a personalized serviceability portal based on your specifications.

6. Location Capabilities

Through the use of advanced filters and complex data sets, the platform provides easy-to-manage multi-location projects that can be easily shared with clients and teams.

7. Personalized Data for Providers

Providers can display their proprietary data publicly or privately.

8. Network Presence

With Network Presence, you can compare carriers and solution providers to determine the best service at a location. This practice can also help to build a stronger cloud-based application or network solution.

Maybe the most beneficial piece to individual users of BandwidthFinder is the convenience and ease of the platform. The benefits we have outlined are all performed by BandwidthFinder with only a minimal amount of manual involvement on the user’s end, making their lives easier and their jobs more efficient.

Versions of BandwidthFinder

Whether you are a telecom sales rep, provider, or business seeking the strongest bandwidth, BandwidthFinder works for you. Although the platform is highly customizable, we provide three common options.

Each option includes a public data set with over 2,500 broadband carriers, over 900 dedicated technology carriers, and all technologies available on the platform. Each option also includes customizable projects, rating precision, and the ability to share information and projects.


The Professional product is typically used by professionals, such as telecom sales reps, who need access to highly accurate bandwidth provider serviceability data. This option only has a single seat, allowing only one account user.


This product is available to businesses that seek highly accurate bandwidth provider serviceability data for their organization, partner network, and client base. This option comes with both employee and guest access.


The most robust option, Provider access is available to carriers and solution providers and allows them to evaluate single and multi-address projects. Projects include their owned and leased network assets as well as other providers who may be seeking partnership to build solutions. This option includes employee and guest access, solution provider features, and owned and leased network facilities.

Premium Serviceability Product Tailored for You

At MasterStream, our mission is to connect buyers and sellers of telecom services with a high-quality and efficient product line. It’s tantamount that businesses maximize profits efficiently and with sensitivity to time, which makes products like BandwidthFinder so useful to our clients.

Ready to have fast, easy, precise bandwidth provider information delivered to your screen? Request a demo today.


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