Use Multiple Location Analytics to Quickly Assess Both On-Net and Off-Net Locations

March 29, 2024

It’s both necessary and a major pain point for agents to connect customers to the best telecom services options at their address. Knowing whether a building is on-net or off-net helps determine the applicability of different service packages, but it isn’t always an easy task.

Comparing connectivity among a set of on-net and off-net service options can be a challenge with manual research processes that have limited data analytics capabilities. Even with the most robust database at your fingertips, the amount of legwork involved in researching can take a significant amount of time that might be better used elsewhere.

With so much variance in the data points available to represent these various service options, algorithmic research is the only way to reliably synthesize the data and accurately assess your options. This is especially true when conducting research across multiple addresses, which makes the task of on-net and off-net research even more complex and difficult to achieve without a qualitative research process powered by algorithmic software.

In this article, we expand on the many benefits of an algorithmic software to make your sales process more accurate, time-efficient, and immediate.

1. Save on Time and Labor

As we have briefly touched upon, an algorithmic software can create time and labor savings for an agent. This is done primarily through the automated rankings of on-net (Carrier) and off-net (Solution Provider) service options at a single address or multiple addresses.

An algorithmic research tool doesn’t just provide service options for the locations—it also evaluates the options quickly and compares the results with a wide range of service options across both on-net and off-net providers.

The tool expresses key attributes that bring you clarity, including:

  • Accuracy level (Rating precision)
  • Access category and technology
  • Type of provider
  • Estimated and actual speed

Although the tool requires no labor or research on the part of the agent, the research provides plenty of benefits:

  • Your sales teams can determine whether a single provider or technology is available for a list of customer addresses, while at the same time giving you full transparency into how much of the solution was built with on-net (Carrier) versus off-net (Solution Provider) solutions.
  • Providers have a better understanding of which locations they are providing solutions through underlying off-net supplier relationships versus which on-net facility locations they own.
  • Master Agents, Agents, MSPs, and VARs are able to learn which on-net locations the provider has complete control over and which off-net locations they are sourcing through underlying supplier relationships.


2. Evaluate Off-Net Service Proximity

Off-net service options feature a greater number of variables that can affect service quality at a location. For example, it is unlikely that providers serving certain organizations across offices have connectivity in each location. To deliver services, the provider might partner with a network provider that has fiber in a building and lease the connectivity to provide a full solution for their client.

Qualifying these different data points to rank service options is difficult when performing manual research. Through the use of an algorithmic tool, it is easy to evaluate service options, resulting in qualitative evaluations that help you identify the best overall service option among your various off-net service options.

An algorithmic tool can help you find out exactly how close the tech asset of interest is to your location by including Rating Precision technology that can promote better solutions by evaluating proximity attributes such as address, near net, census block, and ZIP code.


3. Share Multiple Location Analytics Data

A significant feature of an algorithmic tool should be the ease by which you communicate and transmit information.

With the right tool, read-only versions of multi-location bandwidth research can be shared with sales partners, customers, prospects, and other employees to facilitate better collaboration and comprehensive selling that grows your market share. By harnessing the value of multiple location analytics, you can extend this value to your network partners, enhancing their own ability to connect customers with both on-net and off-net service options.

BandwidthFinder, an Intelligent and Easy-to-Use Algorithmic Tool

BandwidthFinder, our algorithmic tool, is precise, fast-acting, and easy to use. It includes a data set of more than 900 address-level fiber carriers and more than 2,500 broadband carriers. With solution providers included and private data options available, you can immediately receive the precise information you need.

If you’re ready to take your sales process to the next level, schedule a demo of BandwidthFinder today.


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