What is Carrier Access And Why Should I Know About it?

March 29, 2024

When a telecom company’s sales team searches for connectivity solutions, the search isn’t always as simple as finding a company that has infrastructure and connecting to that piece of technology.

Infrastructure requires an incredible amount of capital, and attempting to build that infrastructure in every area where connectivity is required would not be fiscally responsible. 

Instead, telecom professionals practice carrier access, which refers to the process of obtaining availability and cost information about a carrier’s infrastructure. This way, the party searching for connectivity can find, compare, and understand costs associated with nearby connectivity solutions.

The catch? It’s not always easy to gain access to carrier information. Without the proper tools, the whole story might not be available.

Let’s explore more about carrier access and the tools required to find information that supplies you with the best connectivity solution for your situation. 

What is carrier access?

Carrier access provides important connectivity information that allows users to determine the level of serviceability they require.

To better understand carrier access, it’s important to know about two key figures involved in creating and selling connectivity solutions: 

  • The carrier is the company that creates and maintains the technology to create connectivity. The infrastructure is installed at an address and makes it possible for users to connect to the internet or phone service.
  • The solution provider purchases connectivity from the carrier in order to resell the services. By leveraging the carrier’s last-mile access technology, the solution provider can provide internet connectivity, managed services, and phone services.

Carriers usually employ one or more of the three most common transmission methods:

  • Fiber optic cable is the fastest mode of transmission and can stretch large distances. While it’s common that they connect one city to another, it’s also possible to connect two continents together via undersea routes. This distance allows carriers to own hundreds or thousands of miles of connectivity. 
  • Point-to-point microwave transmission is used in areas where carriers cannot use fiber optic cable. Similar to how fiber optic cable works, microwave transmission can stretch across long distances in order to supply a wide range of connectivities.
  • Coaxial cable technology is broadband that is used to connect fiber networks to businesses and residential locations. 

Although each of these connectivity methods varies in speed and physical makeup, location remains the most important aspect. Close proximity to a piece of equipment provides connectivity solutions. 


Why is carrier access important?

Besides providing important information on different carrier technologies, carrier access is necessary for those searching for a connectivity solution because information about a carrier’s infrastructure isn’t always available. This is because the information isn’t always public knowledge.

In order to gain access to highly useful data on a piece of infrastructure, you need to use a tool that gives you access to information on nearby fiber carriers and broadband networks. 

 With the right tool, the user can gain information concerning:

  • Tech asset location and its proximity to your client’s location
  • Automatic research that cuts out human error and corrupt time 
  • Information sharing so that employees or partners can see the same data as you
  • Project management that allows you to view multiple projects at one time
  • Network presence evaluation that allows you to compare carriers and solution providers in order to help you make an informed decision

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