Why Diversity in Technology Matters for a Bandwidth Service Provider

March 29, 2024

Fiber, coax, and the emerging 5G technology often get treated as the holy grails of modern telecom service. But the reality is that no single technology is the be-all-end-all when it comes to offering the best telecom service.

Diversity of technology is a crucial consideration when connecting customers to the best telecom service at their location. From fiber to coax and copper to wireless, access to multiple technologies is a critical consideration when ensuring availability and quality of service, as well as the overall presence of a service.

It’s not just diverse technology that matters—you also need the right availability research tools to understand how this technology supports service to current and potential customers.

Problems Businesses Face Relying on a Single Telecom Technology from a Bandwidth Service Provider

Fiber telecom service offers great speed and fast service—when those technologies are working. But what happens when the fiber gets cut?

If that technology is your sole source of telecom service, this outage can essentially put you out of service until the problem is resolved. It’s not just outages to worry about, either: Overloaded telecom infrastructure and other network complications can lead to slow service speeds impacting your cloud based applications. 

This is where diversity of technology offered from a bandwidth service provider can make a big difference. When your selected bandwidth service provider offers multiple technologies you may be able to rely on them to manage those diverse technologies through SD-WAN or Managed Services. This approach can be far more cost-effective and resilient than designing this on your own with multiple bandwidth service providers.


Bandwidth Service Providers Challenge Answering Complex Availability Questions For Customers

Thanks to the rise of SD-WAN networks, bandwidth service providers also have a greater need for tools that can evaluate multiple telecom technologies that serve a single address.

When performed manually, availability research for business prospects and customers can be a significant drain on your company’s internal resources—namely, the time of your sales agents. This resource drain only becomes more significant when the questions move past technology and into diverse path scenarios.

As measuring telecom presence becomes more complex, BandwidthFinder offers powerful research capabilities designed for bandwidth service providers. This quickly helps their prospects, customers, partners or staff evaluate availability through automated tools that improve the quality of research while saving your team time. The solutions-based algorithm technology then generates an efficient Rating Precision score that quantifies availability in a format that offers easy comparison with other service options.

BandwidthFinder’s availability research can encompass all available telecom technologies at an address or a group of addresses, providing comprehensive data to make informed selling and purchasing choices. Even as telecom presence grows more complex, the automated capabilities of this service can scale to accommodate this diversity without placing strain on your organization.

Leveraging the Benefits of Telecom Synergy

When diverse technology and infrastructure is available at a given location, customers can count on reliable service and a better overall customer experience. At the same time, telecom businesses benefit from reduced churn, fewer customer headaches, and higher return on investment (ROI) made possible by increased lifetime value of a customer (LTV) and reduced resource expenditures on telecom availability research.

Diverse technology provides a service infrastructure that benefits all of the other types of technology supporting a given customer. Through innovative tools that evaluate this technology’s diversity at a specific location, your business can quickly connect your customers to the best service option available to them. 

Meanwhile, thanks to this diversification, your telecom customers enjoy better and more consistent service across whatever technology they’re using at any given time. 

Find out how BandwidthFinder can evaluate telecom availability to support a better customer experience—contact us today to schedule a demo.


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