Introducing a Smarter, Cost-Effective Way to Find Bandwidth Solutions

March 29, 2024

Telecom availability is one of the most important aspects of connecting customers to telecom service at their specific address. Sales professionals need to quickly and efficiently gather this data to inform their configure, price, quote (CPQ) process.

Given the complexity of accounting for the various location data affecting availability, as well as the quality of service available at an address, an algorithmic approach is required to vet these options with speed and accuracy.

That’s where BandwidthFinder can help your telecom CPQ process. Whether it’s adopted as a standalone solution or as part of the MasterStream ERP suite, your business now has access to a modern telecom availability tool that addresses an age-old problem.

Easy Answers to Tough Questions

Availability has historically been a source of friction for telecom sales agents connecting customers to services. The process of researching availability without the help of an automated solution is tedious and time-consuming, and, depending on the source, it can deliver unreliable results.

BandwidthFinder streamlines this process by automating tedious analysis through an algorithm-based approach. The findings from this process can then be accessed and reviewed through a user-friendly dashboard.

Scoring rubrics such as Rating Precision quantify availability for a single location or a group of locations, making it easy to score different service options to find the best bandwidth solution for that customer. This convenient service helps telecom carriers, solution providers, and agents connect their customers with the best technology option serving their specific location.

Customizable Control over Proprietary Data

Although telecom businesses routinely use publicly available data to generate scores through Rating Precision and connect customers with the best service at their location, proprietary data can also aid in this analysis—and provide a competitive advantage when this data isn’t available to competing businesses.

Fortunately, providers can leverage the benefits of BandwidthFinder while keeping their own availability data out of the public eye. This gives your business the best of both worlds, combining public and private data—or relying on proprietary data altogether—with the goal of connecting your users with the best technology possible, and providing better customer service than your competitors can match. 

Through Private Data Sets, providers can perform deeper analytics and availability scoring than their competitors, providing an advantage when connecting your users to the best service. BandwidthFinder customers can even extend Guest Access for these data sets to trusted partners and/or customers, giving those organizations the same access to private availability data—without exposing this data to public access and use.


Complex Configurations to Support Multiple Locations

Less sophisticated research tools can only evaluate bandwidth for a single location. This is often impractical for enterprise clients that need telecom service across multiple locations.

Algorithm-based group location processing makes it possible to find the right telecom service that best serves all of those locations, instead of forcing businesses to conduct research on each individual location, after which they must gather the data and analyze the results. 

This multi-step process still happens, but it’s fully automated and offers you a simple solution to a complex customer problem. With enterprise clients, this ability to manage complexity and provide suitable business solutions is a key component of your customer experience. BandwidthFinder makes it easy to meet those challenges and quickly identify the highest-rated bandwidth solution to suit your clients’ needs.

Cut Costs While Improving Customer Service

It’s rare to find a business solution that succeeds at cutting costs while also improving the quality of your customer experience. BandwidthFinder is built to accomplish exactly that, delivering a streamlined, automated bandwidth availability solution that reduces operational waste, and frees up valuable time for your sales team.

See for yourself the difference BandwidthFinder can make in connecting clients to the right telecom service—schedule a demo today.


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